My purpose. My mission.

Hi, I am Naomi Ambrose. I help creative female entrepreneurs to launch their brand.

I’ve had people tell me they’re inspired by my decision to follow my dreams, and my ability to stay motivated in moments of career and life transitions, challenges and uncertainty. I finally decided to share a lot more of my insights and experience.

To that end, I write about the insights and knowledge I gained from events and opportunities that I’ve participated in during my music, singing, story-telling, life and career transition journey. I also write about insights that I gained from media content that I have consumed, as well as content that I’ve created and currently creating.

I’ll also say that my writing deals with the following topics:

  • music
  • entrepreneurship
  • personal development
  • personal branding
  • building your personal brand
  • time management
  • productivity

I also create visual and audio content where I share insights that I’ve gained from my music, entrepreneurial and story-telling journey.

My goal is to create insightful and meaningful content that you can apply toward achieving your personal and professional goals.

My story. My journey.

In October 2016, I started a blog to document my experience with participating in Christina Aguilera’s singing Masterclass vocal challenge. I also started the blog to share my experience toward achieving my singing, music and story-telling goals – with the hopes of inspiring others to achieve their own goals. You can read about my experience with the vocal challenge here.

I also created a “secret” Facebook group where I shared with some of my close family and friends of what I was doing behind the scenes of my journey. I eventually evolved my  “secret” Facebook group into my Facebook page where I continue to share my journey – with the hopes of inspiring people like you.

In April 2017, I had the wonderful opportunity to perform at the Vancouver Sun Run. You can read about my experience at the Vancouver Sun Run here.

It is my goal that you too can find the freedom, tools and resources to live your life, to live your best, true, fulfilled life.

Let’s start your journey together!

Professional biography

Naomi Ambrose is positioning herself to be one of the most influential business leaders and personal brand experts who helps creative female entrepreneurs to launch their brand. In early 2016, she launched a podcast, Instagram and YouTube series where she shares insights about her top books that enlightened her about music, business, life, success, failure, self-discovery and self-growth. You can take listen to episode 1 here.

After her performance at the Vancouver Sun Run, Naomi was excited to perform at Studio Cloud 30’s Red Carpet Concert Series on August 27, 2017. She was also thrilled to release her debut single JOYTOWN on October 7, 2017. She describes JOYTOWN as a song that has an “uptempo funk, soul, Motown dance vibe to it.” JOYTOWN is available on Naomi’s website, Spotify, Reverbnation and YouTube.

To celebrate the release of JOYTOWN, Naomi released a six-part documentary on her website, Facebook page & YouTube channel and a six part audio series on her website, where she shared her insights about her journey with creating JOYTOWN. The documentary, which Naomi calls JOYTOWN: The Journey also chronicles her experience with making JOYTOWN. Naomi also created, produced, filmed & edited the documentary and audio series. You can take a listen to the audio series and watch the docu series here.

A past contributor for The Other Press, The Peak, Radius SFU, SFU’s News on the Hill, Naomi studied Communication and Business Administration at Simon Fraser University. While at Simon Fraser University, Naomi, co-founded MyWoodSource —a sustainable business venture. The venture involved focusing on finding sustainable initiatives to eliminate the overabundance of reusable wood waste that ended up in the Vancouver landfills.Naomi and her teammates had the honour of being featured on the Vancouver Economic Commission’s website. You can learn more about the team’s feature on the Vancouver Economic Commission’s website here.

During her stint as a Promotions Leader in the Recreation and Athletics Department at Simon Fraser University, Naomi was honoured to receive a peer nominated “Most Inspirational” Award during the department’s staff awards ceremony. During her time at Simon Fraser University, Naomi also had the honour of being on the Dean’s Honour Roll.

Naomi also studied songwriting, music production, the business of the music industry from Berklee’s College of Music. Naomi has also worked for a wide range of industries—ranging from the film and television industry, post-secondary/higher education institutions, recreation, health and wellness, sports, telecommunication and information technology.

In March 2018, Naomi had the honour of having her works featured at Simon Fraser University’s 2018 Celebration of Authors, whereby the university publicly acknowledged and honoured faculty, students, staff, alumni and retired university community members who authored or co-authored a publication, or its equivalent. Naomi made history by becoming the only female and author on the list who created, produced, authored and self-published musical compositions, audio and film recordings.

Currently, Naomi is an ambassador for Paul C. Brunson’s ABC TV show: Help! I Need Love. Naomi is also working towards creating resources and webinars to help creative women who are on a path towards living a fulfilled life.

Early life

Naomi Ambrose was born in Saint Lucia. She migrated to Canada in April 2010.

As a young child, Naomi began her entrepreneurial career by helping her maternal grandmother to sell her signature pastries (“patay canelle”), roasted peanuts and numerous other snacks.

During her Girl Guide days, Naomi generated some income when she did “baw-baw jobs” (jobs that involved performing household chores for persons in her neighbourhood).

In her teens, Naomi helped her mother and a family friend to sell food and drinks during a popular cultural event in Saint Lucia called “Jounen Kweyol” (pronounced joo-neh-kway-all).

Eventually, Naomi started to sell fruits, clothing and fashion accessories to help her generate some extra income for her move to Canada.

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What others say about me…

Heather V.

I recently had the pleasure of learning from Naomi the importance of project management when it comes to producing a podcast. I knew going in that it wasn’t as simple as having a solid topic, suitable audio equipment, or compelling guests who know how to tell a story, but I didn’t know that I would be setting myself up to fail without a project plan in place to make it all come to life. 

Naomi came prepared to take me through a process she has used before for her own podcast series. She shared her invaluable lessons learned and everything to be considered when: creating structure for an episode/series and how to develop the project scope and the corresponding work breakdown; what makes for engaging conversation, and why ‘filler’ words are ok; to have a jingle or not to have one – when it can be effective or ruin the mood; creative editing for storytelling, designing artwork  and how to distribute and market your podcast to a wider audience.

Naomi is so kind and approachable and takes pleasure in supporting people to put out their best work. Her style of instruction is clear and easy to understand, but most importantly for me and the way I learn best, she made sure there was space to ask questions. I can’t thank Naomi enough for her time and expertise!