Reflections of a Facebook group creator

I recently created my first “private” Facebook group. I created the group to share my singing, music and storytelling journey with family and close friends– with the hopes of inspiring them to achieve their goals. YAY! No big deal? Thank you for you YAY and thank you if you responded to no big deal. To the no big deal responders, you are right – no big deal. However, creating this private Facebook group was a big deal for me.



I’m always more than happy to share inspirational and informative posts, blogs, vlogs, etc. Yet when it comes to creating and sharing my own posts – I pause. I ponder. I agonize. Why? “Conceited people always talk about themselves.”, “People who always talk about themselves like to show off.” I’ve heard these lines 10,001 times. While there might be some truth to these sayings, I don’t think these sayings represent the reasons why some people talk about themselves, or show some snippets of their life. For me, I’m sharing my journey so I can inspire others to achieve their goals. I also hope that readers, viewers and observers will learn something from my journey that they can apply toward achieving their goals.

My Facebook group creation process also showed me that, if you’re creating and sharing your own content to help others, then there’s no need to feel like you’re showing off. Keep creating. Keep sharing. Keep helping.

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Author: Naomi

I blog. I think, sit and write content that I hope will inspire you, re-awaken your curiosity and motivate you to pursue your interests, talents and hobbies. I sing. I started "officially" singing during my teenage years. I was a member of a youth choir. I also wrote and sang a song for a school competition. I've participated in singing auditions, I've sang at weddings, corporate events and promotional campaigns. I write. I've been writing stories and songs from my early childhood years. My love of writing, story-telling and creative writing also led me to write for my college's school newspaper, participate in a competition to co-author a book with best-selling author James Patterson I envision I envision the world to be a place that welcomes, celebrates and appreciates creators who aspire to make positive changes. I seek to create a world that welcomes and celebrates creators who open, re-open, re-explore and re-discover creative chapters in their lives that they thought were closed permanently. The door is now re-opened

7 thoughts on “Reflections of a Facebook group creator

  1. Only the people that’s not achieving will think that one is showing off. Only the jealous people will be jealous of your gifts and creative ability. It’s okay to be jealous because it pushes one harder. So they will end up thanking you. You’re right, We have to concentrate on the people that need to hear what we have to say and the stories that we tell to find themself. My assignment from God is reaching those people.

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