How Oprah’s book redefined my understanding of love songs


I have a confession to make. I’m not a fan of mushy love songs. I love singing and dancing to up tempo songs. (That’s what happens when you’re from the Caribbean! 😊). I couldn’t understand why people would pine over lovers who left them or mistreated them. I couldn’t imagine why someone would beg his or her former lover to stay. What’s up with these love songs about begging and pleading? I always wondered. LOVE_Blog_Title

It was only after I read a chapter from Oprah Winfrey’s What I Know for Sure that my perception about love songs changed. (I would have never thought in 5,003 years that Oprah’s book would’ve helped me to re-think my understanding about love songs!) Oprah’s insights transcend everywhere. Anyway, I digress 😊

In the book, Oprah indicated that we all long to feel valued, needed or affirmed – or that we mean something to someone.

Ahh…I see…I get it now. I said to myself. So, it’s not that the singers and songwriters are necessarily singing and writing about insecurity, vulnerability or weakness – they are singing and writing about songs that shed light on our need as humans to feel valued and to know that we matter to someone. Thanks Oprah, I get it now!

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Author: Naomi

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  1. thanks for sharing what you learned about the real meaning of love songs. Lol love your point about Oprah – her insights can be translated everywhere!

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