Reflections of a novice pianist composer

I recently created my first ever piano composition YAY! 🙂 If you’ve ever made something new, or you’re currently working on a new endeavour, you’ll probably know the joy that emerges with the feeling of creating something fresh or new. If you’re currently creating something or planning to soon – hopefully the insights I gained from creating my recent piano composition could help you with your creations. piano_compo_post

  1. Experimentation opens the gate to something new.

Before I settled on my final composition, I started to experiment with different piano styles. I tried the jazz, string and harpsichord sound. I eventually settled on choosing the harpsichord sound as I thought that that sound was the best sound that reflected the mood that I wanted to convey for my upcoming short film: The Lost Cat.

2. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.

I experimented with different chords until I found a melody that I thought sounded groovy. I just let my thoughts, intuition and memories of seeing George Michael playing the keyboard and my memories of listening to the ending notes of Prince’s Purple Rain guide me.

3. Don’t get too consumed with technicality

Whilst it’s important to know the key you’re playing in and chord progressions, if you spend 90% of your time memorizing and concentrating on the technical aspects of your composition, the story, emotion and feeling of your song may get squeezed into your music. For me, asking myself whether this sounds godd, or whether that sound matches the story behind my song or film takes precedence.

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Author: Naomi

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  1. Great points Naomi. So true – I think sometimes we spend so much time consumed with technical aspects of a craft – sometimes you just gotta do!

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