3 insights I gained from Lewis Howe’s interview with Wyclef Jean

The record is not over yet. The record is not over yet – that’s one of my favourite lines from Wyclef Jean’s Anything Can Happen from his amazing Carnival album. Oops I digress! J I just wanted to throw that line in this blog! On the other hand, I’m sure you’ll figure out the connection with “the record isn’t over yet lyric” and the rest of this blog. Anyway, back to the essence of this blog! 🙂

I was excited to listen to Wyclef Jean on Lewis Howes’ podcast. I hadn’t heard from Wyclef in a while so I was looking forward to listening to the podcast. I’ve always admired Wyclef’s poetic lyrical style and his recognition and reflection of his Caribbean heritage. If you’re curious to learn about the perspectives of an artist who’s been in the music industry for several decades, then the three key takeaways I gained from the podcast would be of interest to you. I also believe the takeaways would be beneficial to you – if you’re aiming to achieve success in your chosen field.

“Tell me a story I don’t know” Wyclef Jean

  1. Aim to educate people about a new perspective

In a previous blog I wrote about the lessons I learned from my cruise ship singing audition, I mentioned the a-ha moment I discovered about the importance of creating fresh perspectives. If you’ve listened to Wyclef’s songs, you’ve probably noticed that he has a unique lyric-poetry style. He aims to educate listeners about his childhood and his Caribbean heritage in a unique way. As I write this blog, I remember the cover art of his Carnival album. Very interesting right?



  1. Practice. Practice

We all know the importance of this century-old phrase. Wyclef indicated that he practices an aspect of his artistry every day. While I agree with Wyclef’s point, I’m sure that some of us (including yours truly) may not be able to practice our craft everyday. I’d say practice your craft whenever you get the chance. That’s what I aspire to do.

“Reinvent yourself to upcoming generations through the guise of the music” Wyclef Jean

3. Be willing to re-invent yourself for the upcoming generations.

If you’ve read the about page of my blog, I mention that the purpose of my blog is to inspire you to re-discover and re-explore your passions, interests and hobbies.

Wyclef expressed a similar idea of re-inventing yourself – especially for those who will come after you. What I understood from Wycelf’s point is that it’s ok for us to re-invent or rediscover ourselves, and to let the “up-and-comers” know that self re-invention is a worthwhile pursuit. If you stay the same way your entire life, have you really grown as a person? Have you really evolved into a newer, more enlightened version of yourself? As Wyclef says “the record is not over yet.” Your record is not over yet.

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