The power of adjusting your vision

There’s a school of thought that says that we shouldn’t compromise our vision. While I understand the relevance of this quote, I think if you are starting a new endeavour, there’s a lot of power to gain if we adjust our initial vision. Here’s why:


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Time and money may not always be on your side

I’m currently working on releasing my debut single later this year! YAY! Excited! While I would’ve loved to create a mutli-million dollar studio-esque recording, I realized that I’d have to adjust my initial vision of my song to match the resources, time and money that I had access to.

Sometimes, it’s better to start simple

I love incorporating simplicity and minimalism in my content. For me, simplicity of  content is beautiful. I’d go further to say that, if you don’t have a big budget in the beginning stages of creating your product or service, start small and simple.

Adjusting your initial vision may be difficult to do in the beginning, however I believe it may help you to gain some new insights for your project.

Question. Have you adjusted a vision you had for a project, service or idea? Comment below!

Author: Naomi

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