Why you should try something new

I read an article about the director of the hugely successful Wonder Woman film. The article indicated that the director didn’t have a lot of experience directing big-budget films like Wonder Woman. I also got a sense from the article that the author was surprised that the movie studio hired the director .

After I read the article, I began to wonder to myself, “if a big movie studio can hire a director who didn’t have a lot of experience directing big films, why shouldn’t I attempt to do something new? Why shouldn’t I take on a challenge that I don’t have a lot of experience in?

That question that I asked myself propelled me into learning about how to mix and master songs. I created my first entire song – a short song to start off! 🙂 You can listen to the song

In the past, I only had experience with singing, writing and arranging songs. Creating my “Where Did You Go” song gave me an opportunity to create the musical composition for a song.

I created the beat first and then I created the melody and the lyrics.

As I got ready to mix and master the song, that new endeavour that I pursued made me “re-realize” the importance of trying new tasks.

  1. An opportunity to learn new skills

Mixing and mastering songs are considered to be the last stages in the song production process. Learning these new skills will help me to be better equipped to mix and master future songs.

  1. An opportunity to learn a lot more about music production

My experience with creating songs was mostly with writing and singing songs and creating melodies. Now that I had an opportunity to create the music for my song, I’m better able to understand the entire process that is involved in creating a song.

  1. An opportunity to understand music production intricacies

Mixing and mastering songs are complex processes. There is a lot of technical terminology that you’d have to be familiar with – or be willing to learn about the terminology.

There is a lot of fulfillment to gain from trying something new. For me, my fulfillment comes from knowing that I’ve learned a new skill and that I have a more in depth understanding of the song creation process.

That process has also helped me to try something that I’ve always wanted to try.

Question: Are you going to try that one thing you’ve always wanted to try? You can leave your comment below!


Article reference: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/complex-gender-politics-wonder-woman-movie-1008259


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