My music journey

The early years: A girl from a Caribbean island

Music has always been around me. Growing up in Saint. Lucia, my earliest recollections of music was listening to Madonna’s True Blue album and Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 album. I remember singing and dancing to Madonna’s and Janet Jackson’s songs in my living room, using a broom as my microphone.

I also recall watching Freddie Mercury perform at a concert in Wembley Stadium with so much energy, I told myself that one day I would love to share my energy and passion for music and my desire to make people feel good. I also said to myself that just like Freddie Mercury, I would like to bring joy and smiles to people through my love of music, singing and performing.  I also remember my maternal grandmother singing hymns in church and in her house.

When I was 10 years old, I learned how to play the recorder at school – where  also performed at school concerts. At the age of 13, I learned about music theory in my music class. When I was 15, I joined my church’s youth choir where I got experience performing as a soloist and as an alto and a soprano.

At 15, I also wrote and sang a song for a school competition. That experience was exciting and embarrassing – as that was the first time that I performed as a soloist outside of her church. The performance wasn’t the best as the song’s pitch and key didn’t sync with my voice. I remember everyone laughing at me. That was such an embarrassing moment for me. From that moment, I told myself that I’ll only record songs while I’m at a recording studio.

Despite that embarrassing moment, I continued to pursue my love of singing and music when I joined another choir. At my former workplace, Digicel St. Lucia Ltd, I also sang with some of my colleagues at a staff Christmas dinner party, as well as for promotional campaigns.

2016 onwards

After hearing about Prince’s and George Michael’s deaths,  I was saddened to my core as they were two of my favourite artists. Their passing definitely fuelled my decision to seriously pursue my music, singing and story-telling aspirations.

After completing a contractual job at an IT company, and applying for several jobs, I decided to return to my musical roots and pursue my musical aspirations.  In October 2016, I enrolled in Christina Aguilera’s Singing Masterclass, and I also took several music courses from Berklee’s College of Music.  In January 2017, I took a four-month vocal coaching session with award-winning vocal powerhouse and captivating songstress, Karolyn Volbek from Studio Cloud 30. I also enrolled in Hans Zimmer’s Film Scoring Masterclass.I also joined Vancouver’s Top Line Vocal Collective – where I’ve enjoyed performing at several community events and festivals.

After my performance at the 2017 Vancouver Sun Run, I am excited to perform at Studio Cloud 30’s upcoming Red Carpet Concert Series in August 2017.

Debut single.

I was thrilled to release my debut single: “JOYTOWN” in October 2017. I describe JOYTOWN  as a song that has an “uptempo funk, soul, Motown dance vibe to it.” You can listen to JOYTOWN below

My music mission. My music purpose.

I want my  music and my voice to be used as a tool to help those who feel stuck, or frustrated with their life, careers and relationships. I also hope that my music will inspire those of us who feel stuck and frustrated to make a change, to write their own story and to choose their own path.

Cover songs

This is me singing some of my favourite songs! 🙂


More music coming soon!