The # 1 tool to start figuring out your personal brand.

3 steps to start figuring out your personal brand

Hi reader. I’m sure you’ve heard about 360-degree employee evaluations. Or maybe you have experienced the joys and pains of 360-degree evaluations. While 360-degree evaluations are popular tools for employee evaluations, these evaluation tools are also useful for figuring out your personal brand. In fact, I’ll say that a 360-degree evaluation is the # 1 to start figuring out your personal brand.

picture that implies importance why a 360-degree evaluation is the # 1 to start figuring out your personal brand.

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I became familiar with the power of 360-degree evaluations for discovering your personal brand about 3 three years ago when I attended a self-development workshop hosted by Paul C. Brunson. During the workshop, Paul referred to a quote by Jeff Bezos, the CE0 and founder of Amazon. Jeff’s quote piqued my interest. According to Jeff:


picture that implies importance why a 360-degree evaluation is the # 1 to start figuring out your personal brand.

Let’s analyze Jeff’s quote a bit further. Jeff’s quote implies that, your brand is based on what people say about you. Your brand isn’t entirely based on the way you think about yourself. Most importantly, your brand is based on how people see you – or perceive you to be.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room” Jeff Bezos

Hmm..interesting quote Jeff. I see the relevance. A lot of often say that we don’t care what other people think about us. However, if we want to start building our personal brand, introduce a new perspective, product or service, it’s worthwhile to consider your users’ or readers’ or customers’ perspectives and thoughts. Furthermore, they are the ones that are taking their time, attention and money to listen to us, or to use our service.

How can I start my own 360-degree personal branding analysis?

Excellent question reader! I’m happy to share the steps I used to start my personal branding analysis. (Shout out to Paul C Brunson for some the suggestions!)

1. Reflect on your past job evaluations, reference letters, LinkedIn endorsements and your close family and friends’ comments about you.

Self-reflection questions:

  • How did your supervisors, bosses and colleagues describe you?
  • How did your references describe you?
  • What kind of LinkedIn endorsements have you received?
  • What kind of skill endorsements have you received on LinkedIn?

2. Determine your observational consensus

Self-reflection question:

Did more than 1 person describe you in a certain way? (Example, did 5 people describe you as someone who is creative, ambitious, innovative, etc.?)

3. Google yourself

Self-reflection questions:

  • When you google yourself, what images, videos, articles, etc. come up?
  • Can you see similarities or recurring themes from the content?

In conclusion, 360-degree evaluations aren’t only suitable for employee evaluations. If you are ready to discover your personal brand, 360-degree evaluations are excellent self-evaluation tools. Are you eager to begin your entrepreneurial journey?  I highly recommend using the 3 steps I outlined in this blog to start your personal branding and entrepreneurial journey.

Question: Have you done a 360 degree analysis of yourself? Comment below. Your comments will inspire me and others!

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