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Hi reader. My name is Naomi and I’m a K.L.E. I’m a Knowledge.Learning.Enthusiast. I’m always on a quest to seek knowledge and enlightenment. Are you are currently seeking knowledge and enlightenment? Do plan to do so soon? Or perhaps you are looking for some books to read? If you answered yes to any of the previous, here are 7 books that increased my understanding about business, life, success, failure, wealth and growth. These books are 7 books that enlightened me.

  1. Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes

I’m sure most of us know about Shonda Rhimes – the creator and executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. I appreciated Rhimes’ willingness to share her vulnerabilities and insecurities. Rhimes also provided an opportunity for readers to understand her rationale for creating the stories and characters that most of us have grown to love, admire or despise.

Rhimes also suggested that it’s ok for us to want to reach to the mountain top, to tell ourselves that we can be the best in our chosen field, and that that it’s ok to look at ourselves and to be comfortable with being seen and wanting to be seen.

“the very act of saying yes is not just life-changing, it is lifesaving” – Shonda Rhimes

2. Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been by Pharrell Williams

In his book,  the highly sought-after singer-songwriter, rapper,music and film producer, Pharrell Williams reified the importance of collaborations. He includes conversations he had with several influential personalities such as Jay-Z, Anna Wintour, Kanye West and Buzz Aldrin.

I also relearned about the importance of collaborating to generate new ideas, to learn from others, as well as to learn more about people you admire for their contributions toward making the world ever-more interesting and spectacular.

Other key takeaways I took from the book connected to the view that suggests that our passions, interests and “calling” often starts in our childhood and that we should be willing to do things that no-one else has done.

The book is also beautifully and uniquely designed with lots of colour, dazzle and pictures.

3. The Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin

In his book Seth Godin, the influential marketing guru underscores the importance of knowing about the different types of customers, as well as the importance of marketing to people who want change. Godin also emphasizes the importance of finding a niche that has not been dominated, as well being different and standing out (example, having a unique business card.)

4. All Marketers are Liars: The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works–and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of All by Seth Godin

Godin emphasizes the importance of knowing who you are and knowing your audience (for example, Godin suggests that we should ask ourselves: “do I know who needs to hear my story?”). Godin also underscores the significance of asking yourself whether people will believe your story and whether your product or service will help people with satisfying their wants.

I also appreciated Godin’s inclusion of examples of marketing techniques that some well known, niche specific brands and small businesses used. Godin also highlights the importance of “owning” uncharted business territory.

5. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I appreciated Coelho’s mystical storytelling abilities. In his book Coelho writes about a young man who’s on a personal soul-searching journey and eventually discovers his “personal legend.” Coelho also emphasizes the importance of paying attention to signs, as well as understanding that you will encounter obstacles along your path to greatness or along your route toward achieving your goals.

Coelho also underscores the significance and remembering tasks that we did during our childhood that we loved and enjoyed. Coelho also highlights the importance of taking time to explore the world.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

6. The Wealth Choice by Denis Kimbro

Denis Kimbro, lecturer and researcher in the field of management, entrepreneurship and human potential introduced me to African American entrepreneurs that I didn’t know about such as Lillian Lincoln Lambert, Nathaniel Goldston and Colleen Payne-Nabors.

I also learned about the entrepreneurs’ perception and understanding of wealth. Kimbro also underscores the importance of understanding money and how it “works”. Kimbro also emphasizes the significance of reading and setting clear goals.

7. Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

In their book, Steven D. Levitt, an award-winning author and Stephen J. Dubner, a journalist emphasizes the importance of analyzing data that deviates from general trends or results. In other words, the next time we conduct a survey, we should pay attention to the one person or the two people who give a different answer.

I agree 501% with Levitt’s and Dubner’s point as we can learn so much from analyzing people and even animals that deviate. I think we spend a lot of time analyzing general trends but quite often, it’s the different person, the different results that help us to understand what’s really going on in life.

Have you read any books that enlightened you? I’d love to hear about them!

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