My top 3 content creation tools, start creating today!

3 cost effective ways to start creating content

I believe that there are many people out there who want to create content but may not have the money or the fancy graphic designing programs or software to create the content. Or, maybe you want to create content but you think that you need fancy, smanshee programs. I’m here to tell you that you can create content in cost-effective ways. There are tools available to create content in cost-effective ways.

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When I made the decision to create content frequently, I was happy to discover that I could create content with the tools and programs that I had access to. Here are my top 3 cost effective content creation tools.

1. Microsoft’s PowerPoint “Save as. MP4” option

This feature is useful if you have audio that you want to upload as a YouTube video. In my case, I upload the cover art/image for my video and then I inserted the audio. This is the method that I used to create the videos for my Favourite books YouTube video series.

2. Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder

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This recorder is definitely one of my favourite products. I use this recorder to record my songs, my song ideas, my thoughts about my song progression, and for many other uses. I wish I’d thought about using my recorder to record my favourite books podcast. That discovery would’ve saved me time– when I recorded the podcast in my phone and had to wait for the recordings to upload to my Google drive. That knowledge could have saved me money – when the upload process consumed a lot of my allotted data – and getting charged for additional data usage! ☹

P.S If you’re planning to use the recorder to record your podcasts, thoughts, etc, I’d suggest keeping the recorder a few feet away from your mouth. This will help to reduce the amount of static and breathy sounds that often occurs when we speak closely into mics. You can check out the recorder here.

3. Canva

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I’ve used Canva to create designs and quotes for a lot of my social media and blog posts. Canva is very popular among small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s a very popular graphic designing tool that provides a wide range of graphic templates. You can also create customizable images and social media posts. These are just two examples. Canva has many templates for many other purposes. Please feel free to check out Canva. I highly recommend it.

“Start creating your content today with the tools you have access to.”

There are so many cost-effective ways to create content. No more excuses about not having access to fancy, smanshee content creation programs to prevent you from creating your content. Start creating your content today with the tools you have access to.

Question: Do you have any additonal tools that you use to create your content? Have you heard of any other tools that people use to create content? Comment below!